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— US CTO, Todd Park

Presidential Innovation Fellows

The world has changed significantly since our nation’s founders first sought to form a more perfect union. The challenges we face are great and incredibly complex: from saving lives when faced with natural disasters like storms, floods and even asteroids, to upgrading the infrastructure that serves our veterans, to unleashing government data to power the economy and create jobs.

Presidential Innovation Fellows represent the best talent our nation has to offer to deal with the new challenges of today. As entrepreneurial leaders in design, technology and creating transformational change, fellows are asked to take on difficult, multi-headed, and technologically-oriented problems and create real and lasting impact. Fellows start each day with full knowledge that their project’s scale, scope and direction might change. Resilient in the face of uncertainty, fellows seize opportunities, untangle bureaucracy, and foster partnerships inside their agency or out - focused by their guiding principle: aut viam inveniam aut faciam — either find a way or make one.

The experience that each fellow has is different, but in the end, their work is the same: do the hard thing, do the right thing, and serve the interests of the people of the United States and the world.

US CTO Todd Park on Innovation in Government

Recent Work

Highlights from the past year provides access to over 100,000 federal data sets. Like many PIF projects, the source code of this federated data portal was developed from its inception as an open source project, as well as leveraging other open source code to accelerate development.

Blue Button

Blue Button

Millions of Americans can get easy, secure online access to their health records thanks to “Blue Button”. Initially developed as a Round 1 PIFM Project to allow veterans access to their health records. The program was expanded this year at Health and Human Services (HHS).

Smithsonian Hackathon

Smithsonian Hackathon

The Smithsonian held its first ever hackathon, helping the American Art Museum reimagine the digital kiosks at the Luce Center, resulting in visionary short films and working prototypes. This led to the Smithsonian American Art Museum participating in the US Open Data Action Plan with an open API on its roadmap.

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